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The right application of lighting in the home has the ability to practically completely transform any old lounge or study into a dynamic and stimulating room. Experimentation is the key and you will not likely know if you do not try.

Interior Design in Kids Rooms

Practical issues now dealt with, how can you help your child create an environment that reflects their personality, keeps their interest and uses their imagination? Start by sitting on the floor with your child and ask questions about their favourite colours, themes or activities. Involve your child as much as you can in the initial planning process and their ideas in the final design. Try to find balance between what you know is possible and practical against what is in your childâs taste.

- Proportion and Scale - Use only furniture and pieces that suit the total size of the area, not overshadow it or throw it out of symmetry.

There are numerous childrenâs room accessories that add colour, creativity and individuality to your childâs room. Clocks, height charts, name plaques, wall hooks, bookends and door knobs all help to personalize your childâs space. Many of these products are decorated with your childâs favourite theme. You may wish to spend time with your child browsing for ideas for kidâs room decor. When you have found your products ensure they are supplied by companies that guarantee safety, quality and child-friendliness.


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