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Posted by Administrator • Thursday, March 26. 2015 • Category: Extreme Sports
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In all, adventure sports are a great way to feed an adventurers need for an adrenaline rush. There is some inherent danger in each and every adventure sport, but that is part of the allure of these sports. Most involved in one of these types of sports, though, will say that it I a much more positive way to achieve an adrenaline rush than many others they can think of. Even non-adventurers would have to agree.

Mountain boarding is a relatively new adventure sport, but one that is definitely growing in popularity. The board itself is longer than a traditional skateboard and much narrower than a snowboard. The large, knobby wheels allow the rider to bounce over fairly rough terrain. These boards can handle anything from city streets to BMX tracks and mountain biking trails. However, mountain boarding does not require any type of trail or track in order to be a great time.

Helicopter skiing, or Heliskiing, is for the most extreme snow adventurers. This particular sport is best learned from a reputable, professional heliskiier. While traditional skiing involves the use of a ski lift to reach the top of a run, Heliskiing uses a helicopter. Skiers are brought to the top of a hill or mountain via helicopter, and dropped there to run down the hill. This particular sport is marked by the use of off-trail routes to the bottom of the mountain. Many are drawn by the allure of the fresh, undisturbed powder. Skiing an area untouched by other people is a huge rush for many who are brought in by the appeal of the dangerous conditions.

BASE Jumping may be one of the most heard-about and read-about of adventure sports. The inherent danger in this sport can, indeed, be higher than in many others. There are also more and more laws being put in place to make it illegal to BASE jump from certain buildings, bridges, and other structures. These laws may stop some BASE jumpers, but it certainly does not stop all of them. BASE jumping is using a parachute to jump from the top of a fixed object. As long as jumpers can find suitable jumping-off points, there will always be a fine line between an adventure sport and an illegal activity in this case.

For many, adventure sports are a way of life. These sports usually involve dizzying heights, incredible speeds, or a combination of both. Often times specialized equipment is needed. The one thing all adventure sports have in common is adrenaline. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, turning to adventure sports can bring a level of excitement as well as health benefits that come with physical exertion. There can be monetary and physical boundaries to entry in some of these sports, but when they become a passion, most agree that they are worth it.

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