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It is the foundation on which all their money is made so they make it very hard to rank for those top spots. The site has to have high quality content, be relevant to the search and have lots of social signals (likes and shares) to get a coveted top ranking spot.

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Google figures that if your content has a lot of traffic coming to the website and people are liking it, and they are sharing it with their social network then by definition this is relevant and quality content.

The factors needed to rank in Google's organic search is as follows. Your content needs to be of the highest quality. Google wants to rank websites who provide a high degree of content. Content that is useful. Content that is popular. Content that people will want to share. Those are the indicators and signals that Google uses to determine if con tent deserves to rank high on their search engine.

Lawyers and attorneys are learning that ranking their websites and using SEO methods can have profound effect on their business.

Another tool that Google uses to determine if a website deserves to be highly ranked is, Google counts the number of people that is sharing and liking the content. They do this by measuring and counting the number of Facebook likes, Google likes, tumbler shares, Twitter shares, and all the other possibilities of likes and shares on what are called Web 2.0 websites.

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