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After a successful academic career (6th to the Heisman in 1963 and 3rd in 1964) around the right or left side of the time Illinois Linebacker and Center, Dick Butkus came to the NBA draft in 1965. He was chosen by the Chicago Bears and he soon prevailed at home and revolutionizing his position. The Bears are his team's heart and he played throughout his career. During his 10 years in the NFL, Butkus played 8 pro-bowl and was selected 6 times as linebacker for the team of the year.

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The story of the Cowboys is a bit unhappy. Introduced as "America's Team" and loving an immense degree of success, their recent history has been a little lackluster with hardly any to show for what was once a dominant power in the league. The Dallas Cowboys have five Super Bowl wins, 10 conference tournament triumphs, the all time high in divisional championships with 21, and are second in NFL history with 30 playoff appearances. In the player side of the equation, the Cowboys have sent away 14 of their players to the Hall of Fame. Only time will tell in the event the Cowboys can recover their success or continue to drop.

The Colts used to be located in Baltimore, but have found themselves in Indianapolis since 1983. With just two Super Bowl wins and two World Championship wins, the Colts aren't notable for their immense amount of success in the post-season. However, themselves have done the right work in the player department with 10 Hall of Famers along with the highest amount of MVP awards than every other NFL team.

The "Minister of Defense" rest obviously a reference NFL to the field and off. 13 successive pro bowls and a career marked by sacks with the shovel. The picture of Reggie White stays clearly quite linked to religious dedication, but also has its passage transferred the franchise from your Eagles to the Packers (with whom he won the Superbowl in 1996). Expired too soon, Reggie White remains an endearing character as well as a relentless player: 'Jesus is coming!' he use to convey to his adversaries before their misery.

Clay Matthews - Green Bay Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews

AT&T Stadium
It's the biggest stadium in NFL. The AT&T arena is located in Dallas. Like everything in Texas this is enormous.

It can seat 80,000 enthusiastic lovers and for particular days the chairs can be increased by another 20,000. It boasts of jumbotrons that run the size of the field supplying viewers a unique and unparalleled viewing experience. The insides offers exceptional box suites that are situated at field level and plenty of space for standing viewers. To keep the stadium cool and cozy sliding doors open out on either end allowing cool air to flow in. One of the biggest stadiums for several types of sports it had been built at a price of $1.15 billion and opened to the public in 2009.

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