'American Horror Story' wrap-up, 'Blood Bath'

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Leigh Emerson
The supporting character Leigh Emerson in American Horror Story is played by Ian McShane. The character is a homicidal maniac who likes to dress as Santa Claus. The dialogue of the character Leigh Emerson expresses a childlike awareness of being excited for awful things.

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Vivien and among the twins expire immediately after delivery. Ben, loath to leave his now dead wife and daughter, attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself. But Vivien intercedes attempting to convince himself to leave the house instantly, but as he is going to leave, Hayden show up killing him before hanging him to simulate suicide.

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Constance Langdon tells Vivien that her womb must been cursed as three of her kids were born with defects and have perished all, aside from Adelaide. Constance asked Larry to kill Beauregard, her son. Another son, Tate, went on a shooting spree and was killed with a SWAT team. Eventually, Adelaide, her last living child, died being hit with a car on a Halloween night. Constance abducts the grandson of the Harmons to raise him in secrecy, after the family die.

For Constance's performance throw in the American Horror Story, Lange won the Emmy Award, the Golden Globe Award, as well as the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Season two
Season two of American Horry story is centered on physicians, patients and nuns inhabiting Briarcliff mental institution, 1964 spaced out with present landscapes. Found by Monsignor Timothy Howard (starred by Joseph Fiennes) and run by Sister Jude (starred by Jessica Lange), the hospital treats the criminally and emotionally insane. Among those used, there's doctor Oliver Thredson who happens to be a shrink within the facility and doctor Arthur Arden, a scientist who also treats patients.

As events unfold, Violet afterwards learns about Tate's notorious shooting of a library filled with pupils, crippling a teacher and placing Larry ablaze, all in a ruse to penalize his mom for having his younger [and deformed] brother euthanized. Meanwhile, Addie dies after being run over with a vehicle, and Vivien gets to learn their house was once the home of an abortionist, as well as the grotesque phantom at the cellar the ghost of the doctor's son, killed with a vengeful boyfriend who afterwards resurrected as an horrific "infantata."

Following the intimate feelings she's for the Monstrous Tate, Violet kills herself, unbeknown to her until later on when she finds that she's confined inside the house. Constance, through Billie Dean Howard, afterwards finds out that the child Tate had with Vivien is predestined to be the antichrist. Meanwhile, Violet and Moira tell Ben about her being a ghost. Violet additionally gets to learn about Tate raping her mother and murdering Chad, something which gets her break up with Tate instantly. Vivien is then bought back in the asylum she had been sent earlier on, after which she delivers the twins shortly after.

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