Gifts For Golfers - A Few Suggestions

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One of the great aspects of golf is the fact that it is one of very few ball games that is not played on a "standardized" pitch or field. Aside from the fact that golf courses usually have eighteen holes, the diversity is pretty much unrestricted and the course architect can have a field day. The length of each and every hole can differ, as can the length of the overall course.

Likewise the topography can vary extensively, from hilly countryside to flat and sandy seaside courses - also called "links". It means that golf fans can have plenty fun trying out different courses and they will never want for variety.

In contrast to the majority of ball games, golf is not played on a strictly defined pitch with assigned dimensions. Aside from the fact that a full size golf course contains 18 holes, course designers have a remarkably free hand when picking the layout of a golf course. The overall length of the course can easily vary a fair bit, as can the type of landscape.

It's an extremely flexible and adaptable arrangement and means that golf courses can be designed to make the most of the local landscape, wherever you find yourself in the world. It also means that there is a limitless variety of different courses, each one with its own unique and presenting its own distinct challenges. A lot of golfers revel in playing as many different courses as they can.

A range of different games using wooden sticks and small leather balls have been reported over the years in a variety of countries. However, the source of the modern game of golf is normally reckoned to be Scotland. There are various references to the game in Scottish historical documents, including examples such as one set of Edinburgh Town Council minutes from 1592, which notes golf in a checklist of activities which should be avoided on the Sabbath Day. The oldest surviving rules for the game of golf were produced in 1744 and were written for the Company of Gentlemen Golfers, which played the game at Leith Links in the north of Edinburgh.

Some golf enthusiasts take the game quite seriously, but that doesn't suggest that golfers do not have a sense of fun. There are lots of golf themed jokes - and you can buy loads of entertaining gifts for golf enthusiasts. Detonating golf balls are always popular - and other trick balls are available.

Just like most other golf related gift items, prices start at under a ten dollars and go all the way up. You can find novelty tees, talking head covers, funny golf tee shirts and all kinds of other items. There are also lots of golf gifts for use off the course, mouse mats for computers, mugs, plaques with droll slogans on them, that kind of thing. The main thing to keep in mind is that golf enthusiasts are almost always thinking of golf - even if they are not actually playing it.

An individualized gift is always a great idea - and if you are buying something for a golf enthusiast, then there's absolutely no shortage of choices available for you to choose from. Modern-day print methods make it simple to print a name or initials on even small items like golf tees. You may also have something suitable printed or embroidered onto caps, polo shirts or golf towels if you prefer. Another really good gift choice, which any golfer will be delighted with, is a packet of golf balls. You can have initials, a name,, or perhaps an emblem, printed on these, so there will be no problem determining which ball belongs to which golfer. If you would like something that lasts even longer, you can get specially produced golf ball stamps which let golfers put their initials onto conventional golf balls. These look a little like nutcrackers and are very simple to use.

Golf History

A lot of golf training aids look thoroughly strange, like something from a medieval torture chamber in some cases, complete with straps, struts and a variety of outriggers. Others are considerably more advanced. Rangefinders are a fine example of golf aids which have made good use of technology.

Many of these have a huge amount of functions and analytical functionalities devised to help out golfers out on the course. There are two primary styles, laser rangefinders and gps rangefinders. Laser rangefinders excel if you have an uninterrupted line of sight of the target.

Satellite rangefinders are much better if playing dog-legs or blind holes. GPS rangefinders also give a better understanding of the overall layout of a hole - and also the whole course. That's something that might be useful for golfers who like to play new and different courses.

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