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My initial encounter with electronic readers was in the form of the first edition Amazon Kindle reader, which first debuted back in November of 2007. E-readers have certainly improved a good deal since then, but even that far back, the e-ink technology displays offered a great reading experience.

They were, and still remain, a much superior method of reading than using a back-lit computer monitor. E-ink displays are, in my opinion at least, as close to viewing printed text on paper as to make no difference. E-ink technology screens also use very little energy. They will last for weeks in between charges, so there is no risk of running out of energy and finding yourself with nothing to read.

Tablet computers, on the other hand, have wonderful, touchscreen control, color display screens. They are excellent for web browsing, social networking, playing games, watching videos etc. Tablets let you engage in all of the things that you would usually do on either a desktop or laptop in other words.

Aside from the enhanced display, tablet computers typically feature cameras, and frequently they have two, one front facing and one on the back. Combined with the color display, that makes them excellent for use on social networking sites. They are substantially more powerful than e-readers - and this is typically reflected in the asking price.

Staying on the subject of globe-trotting, I find it great to be able to bring tons of novels along with me any place I travel. The amazing thing is that all of those books are held on a gadget which is even smaller than the standard paperback novel. I do travel a great deal, the lengthier journeys would often see me shoving at least a number of beefy books into my carry-on luggage. Thankfully that's a distant memory today. My bags is considerably lighter and there's quite a bit of added room for various other belongings these days.

E-books are also considerably kinder to the environment. They require no paper, ink or any of the other chemicals normally used in printing of course, but the fact that they can be delivered by wireless, as mentioned previously, is another significant plus. The rail and road shipment of actual books is a major component in the carbon footprint of books.

And, if you get into your car, drive to the book seller and then drive home again with one or two books, the carbon footprint of those books will have increased by a factor of two. Numerous studies have proven that e-books and e-readers are far better in environmental terms -- at least for those who get through a decent quantity of books that is. The precise amount deviates depending upon which study you believe, but if you are reading more than thirty books prior to renewing your reader, you may be relatively confident that you are having less environemental impact than if you were reading "real" books.

When I originally discovered e-readers, I really felt that I had discovered the ideal appliance for me. Reading has ever been among my most preferred interests and I also travel a great deal. The capacity to carry thousands of books along with me in a compact, featherweight, gadget was ideal.

The fact that I could go online, pick out a new e-book and download it to my reader in no more than sixty seconds was an added bonus. I could find myself a new novel immediately - at any moment of the day or night.

And it's not only out of copyright books which can be found free. Publishing houses will regularly market a specific author by giving away a free e-book which they have written. In many instances it's one of their back catalog, or it might be a new novel, a part of a collection quite possibly. Obviously these are limited deals, and the concept is that you proceed to read further examples of the author's work-- or possibly that you read through the remaining books in a series. However, if you act quickly, then it's most definitely feasible that you can get hold of a bargain.

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A couple of my acquaintances told me that they would miss the feel of a book in their hands. A couple of them even declared that they would miss the smell of a book. It was rather unambiguous that the physical elements of books were extremely important to them.

They were certainly in a minority, and a minority which has reduced in size throughout the years, but there were a significant number of people who felt like this. And even today, now that e-readers have been available for a sufficient time to permit people to become familiar with them, there are still a few people who dismiss them automatically.

I almost always have an abundance of stuff to read on my e-reader. The chances of me running out of something to read, which did used to happen from time to time, are very low. Even so, in the improbable event that I did run out of reading material, it really is quick and easy to get hold of a new book.

Provided that you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can browse Amazon, or any online bookstore you would prefer, and download a new book whenever it suits you. Absolutely no requirement to wait for a bookstore to open up and no requirement to wait for a physical book to be sent by mail to you. After you have decided on your next good read, it requires less than sixty seconds to download it to your reader.

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