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Copper Barnlighting and Why Designers Love It
I'm no interior designer, but I think I know why interior designers are obsessed with copper barnlighting. I recently got my very first internship at an interior design firm, and I have actually seen our designers use copper barnlights for almost any space in your house. I've seen them in bathrooms, bed rooms, kitchen areas, and even the garage-- the garage copper barn lights were especially cool because the garage had copper hardware all over their cabinets.

Copper barnlighting is the kind of lighting that is functional and flexible sufficient to fit almost any space in our home.

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Breakfast Nook Ceiling Barn Lighting
Residing in the Hamptons has its advantages. I like the people, the area, and the way of living. When I tell my sweethearts that my preferred place in my home is the breakfast nook that neglects the meadow that leads out to the garden, they believe I'm ridiculous due to the fact that their favorite space at home either involves laying by the swimming pool or taking a bubble bath.

Not me. Phillippe and I would much rather check out the newspaper and drink our morning tea in our quaint nook. A breakfast nook with comfy chairs and a wooden table with a scenic view and each other is all we need. Well, practically ... Our nook is missing barn lighting. We have actually been checking out buying ceiling lights or maybe simply one huge one to bring some even more lighting to our mini hideaway.

Restroom Ceiling Barn Lights? Yay or Nay?
We are re-doing our washroom, and we have actually come to a standstill in regards to lighting. My spouse wants to have ceiling lights mounted right in the center of the room where the stand alone tub is, but I believe it would be too much direct lighting directed toward the bath tub, and what if, God prohibited, the light falls and lands in the tub, and electrocutes one of us. So instead of having ceiling barn lights, I was thinking about only sticking with wall mounts.

You understand, like the kind you put above the restroom mirror. Now, I know our washroom is rather a huge area, so we'll require great deals of wall lights, however so exactly what? It's much better than having a potentially lethal, murder tool hanging above our tub. Exactly what do you people believe?
Industrial Ceiling Barn Lights

Copper Barnlighting is the New Old Thing
Copper is clearly one of those things that's been around for life, however copper barnlighting hasn't been around for that long, reasonably speaking. I indicate, it's probably been around for around 100 years.

However what's 100 years compared to permanently right? All righty, so recently there has been a revival in the popularity of copper barnlights. It seems that designers and designers are all in on this new fad, and copper barnlighting is turning up everywhere! I've seen copper barn lights in stores, homes, public and personal places, and it resembles these lights are the new old thing!

Mini Barn Lights Offer Subtle Light
We have been just recently remodeling our attic, and as most attics are, the area is a bit cramped, particularly from the top. It has a diagonal ceiling on either side, and so we've been looking for ceiling lights or maybe wall lights that would fit this tiny area. We're transforming it into a guest room, and we wish to have it ready by Christmas. We still have lots of time, so I'm not worried. Anyhow, I've been checking out ceiling barn lights or wall barn lights that would fit-- actually. So I encountered mini ceiling lights on a web site, and they are the cutest things.

They have a really timeless barn light design, which I love because it chooses the whole atmosphere of our Victorian house, but I just need assistance choosing colors. The room is lavender, so exactly what color should our ceiling lights be?

Copper Barnlighting

Exactly what You Don't Know About Copper Barnlighting
I'm in the field of interior decoration, and I've discovered that copper barnlighting has actually been getting increasingly more popular over the last few years. Ok, I must be truthful, in the beginning I believed that copper barnlights were too manly looking, however actually that's not truly the case with a great deal of them. It's not really that they are masculine-looking. They just have a sort of industrial and rough around the edges want to them that made me think that they were too manly for my feminine, pink-loving taste. However like I said, I work for an interior decoration firm, and I have actually seen the interior designers plaster copper barnlights all over the place.

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Chandeliers or Pendants?
My dining room is getting a make-over, however I cannot make up my mind about which ceiling barn lights to get. I've always liked the fanciness of chandeliers, however I likewise have fallen for some single-light pendants that I believe would look fantastic over my table.

However do not get me wrong, chandeliers have that wow element that makes them stylish, so I'm confused. Which ceiling lights should I select? Chandeliers or a row of 3 to four single-light pendants? I always browse through furniture brochures each morning, and I have actually discovered that iron chandeliers are preferred right now. They are less fancy, however they still look incredible.

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